The Forum Award

Congratulations to our 2021 Forum Award Recipients who were announced at our June 2021 Annual Meeting!

Grace Hutchinson
Vice President
Secondary Investments
Hamilton Lane

Leah Murphy
Senior Manager
Corporate Strategy
Campbell Soup Company

This is the 21st year that The Forum is presenting this award to inspiring women in the Philadelphia region, from a range of professional backgrounds, and who have demonstrated exceptional accomplishment and potential. The Forum Award is an acknowledgement of these rising leaders’ talents, and it is our hope that the public recognition of the Forum Award can be leveraged in a way that will support the recipients to serve in even broader roles as leaders and as mentors in their communities.


The Forum Award, a one-of-a-kind, esteemed acknowledgement of emerging leaders’ talents, is given to two women each year via a nomination process.

Each recipient will participate in a leadership assessment and leadership development plan in order to strengthen the recipient’s leadership capabilities.  Each recipient will also have the opportunity to connect with individual Forum members and past award winners during the course of their award year to enhance their professional development, expand their networks and encourage their continued growth as leaders in their communities. The recipients also are given the opportunity to attend certain Forum programs and signature events as our guests during their award year and for one year thereafter.

“The Forum Award for Emerging Women Leaders has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of my professional career! I’ve had the opportunity to be introduced to a dynamic group of leaders, participate in insightful programming and refine my professional and personal goals. The Forum is the premier example for exceptional and inclusive leadership.”
– Deanna Jenkins, 2020 Forum Award Winner

“The Forum of Executive Women pushes you to step outside of your comfort zone and meet women across disciplines from civic leaders to C-suite. Particularly on the heels of a year where we have experienced multiple pandemics and civil unrest, this cohort of women reminds you that while we are different in so many ways, confronting those differences provides an opportunity for growth, but more importantly, change.”
– Haniyyah Sharpe-Brown, 2020 Forum Award Winner

Information & Instructions to Nominate

The 2021 Forum Award for Emerging Women Leaders will recognize two (2) women from the Philadelphia region (unaffiliated with each other) who have demonstrated significant leadership and accomplishment in their careers thus far, as well as high potential for future growth.

A nominee should meet the following criteria:
• Has built her current career for 7-12 years;
• Has demonstrated progress in her career that exhibits continued leadership potential;
• Has shown a commitment to women in her profession and community;
• Has demonstrated a commitment to the region; and
• Lives or works in the Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey or Delaware region.

The Forum asks that nominators inform nominees of their intentions prior to nominating. The award winners are expected to attend several meetings and events throughout the award year as part of the professional development experience. We expect that the first few meetings will be held virtually until it is safe to meet in person. Please ensure that the nominee understands the commitment this opportunity requires and is able to fully participate in the experience. Note that a company or organization should submit no more than three nominations within the organization. Nominations may be submitted by Forum members and non-members. The Forum of Executive Women acknowledges the importance of diversity – ethnic, racial, religious, age, disability and sexual orientation – to Forum members and to the greater community in which we live and work. Therefore, The Forum encourages a diversity of nominees for The Forum Award for Emerging Women Leaders.

Award Presentation
The Forum Award for Emerging Women Leaders are presented at our June Annual Meeting of The Forum of Executive Women.

  • Nominations are accepted by The Forum of Executive Women.
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • Members of The Forum of Executive Women are not eligible for this award.
  • The Forum Award Committee, composed of Forum members and past award recipients, will review eligible nominations and select the recipients.
  • The Forum Award Committee Chair will notify the recipients by late May and all other nominees in June.
  • The Forum Award will be presented at the Annual Meeting of The Forum of Executive Women which takes place in mid-June. Attendance by the recipients is required.

Award Presentation
The Forum Award for Emerging Women Leaders are presented at the June Annual Meeting of The Forum of Executive Women.

Nominations for the 2021 Forum Award are closed.


  • Deanna Jenkins and Haniyyah Sharpe-Brown – 2020
  • Yasmine Mustafa and Tiffany Tavarez – 2018
  • Kelly Devine and Jennifer Devor – 2017
  • Pari Hashemi and Jessica Tracy — 2016
  • Ivy Olesh and Chinwe Onyekere — 2015
  • Peilin Chen and Kari Knight Stevens — 2014
  • Lisa M. Lewis and Claire Robertson-Kraft — 2013
  • Melissa Dietrich and Michelle Freeman — 2012
  • Jacqueline Zavitz — 2010
  • Rosella Harvey — 2009
  • Chipo Jolibois — 2008
  • Mailee Walker — 2007
  • Angela Stout — 2006
  • Catherine Broh — 2005
  • Julie Cousler-Emig — 2004
  • Nicole Galli — 2003
  • Nancy Peterson — 2002
  • Donna Frisby-Greenwood — 2001
  • Melissa Weiler Gerber — 2000
  • Yael Jekogian — 1999