Strategic Alliances – The Forum Ally

What is The Forum Ally?  

The Forum of Executive Women looks strategically at how it can interact with outside organizations in furtherance of our mission. A major component of this initiative is The Forum Ally program, which aligns The Forum of Executive Women with one non-profit entity during the course of two years to build a mutually beneficial relationship providing a source of talent and support for The Forum Ally.

“During our two years as The Forum Ally, the women of The Forum of Executive Women brought considerable experience and generosity in sharing their knowledge and time with our organization by participating in many events with our girls, including our Ambassador High School Leadership program, business issues events, and a one-week career camp.  Thank you to The Forum of Executive Women for your partnership these past two years and for what we know will be an ongoing relationship with your members!” — Dena Herrin, Executive Director of Girls Inc.

Clarifi was honored to have been chosen as the first Forum Non-Profit Ally. Forum members offered their experience and expertise at mentoring programs for our clients and were grateful to receive a great deal of exposure to Forum members helping us to further our mission. It was a huge success and our clients are still grateful for the advice and counsel.  — Patricia A. Hasson, President & Executive Director of Clarifi

Congratulations to The Wardrobe!                 

Our 2020-2020 Forum Ally

“Being named The Forum Ally at this time will give us access to a great network to share our message at a time when this will be more difficult for us.  Last year, we outfitted 5,000 people with the clothing they need to achieve their goals such as moving to employment or independence.  With unemployment at unprecedented levels, we see the need for our services greatly expanding and will look to this partnership to help us have the clothing and connections we need to meet the challenge.”

— Sheri Cole, Executive Director, The Wardrobe (formerly Career Wardrobe)

To be eligible, the organization must:

  • Be an active nonprofit and Section 501(c)(3) organization in existence for a minimum of four years.
  • Have a paid Executive Director (or equivalent) who does not currently serve as a member of The Forum of Executive Women’s Board of Directors.
  • Provide programming or services that target unmet needs of girls or women in the region.
  • Be headquartered in and serve residents of the counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia, Camden or Burlington.
  • Have an annual operating budget above $500,000 and be in possession of at least two full years (24 months) of independently prepared, audited or reviewed financial statements.

While there will be no monetary contribution, The Forum of Executive Women will work in conjunction with The Forum Ally to build a mutually beneficial, two-year-long relationship and to provide a source of talent and support for The Forum Ally during the two years. 

The Nomination Window is now closed.