Women in Leadership Report

Women in Leadership 2018

Giving women executives a voice

Giving women executives a voice

A status report on women leaders in corporate boardrooms and executive offices.

“If the goal isn’t coming from the top, it doesn’t happen.”
—Margaret A. McCausland, President, The Forum of Executive Women

“Having diversity at the top, whether in government or business, is extremely important, but to get there, there needs to be diversity at the recruiting level and at the junior level.”
—Rebecca Rhynhart, Philadelphia City Controller

“The women who are leading have created a culture change. Our industry has been slow to change…but if we are going to grow and succeed we need to be more competitive.”
—Michael J. Renna, CEO, South Jersey Industries

“Encourage people to take chances,” whether a new assignment or a job in another location. “If it’s a reasonable opportunity, you shouldn’t turn it down.”
—Steven H. Collis, CEO, AmerisourceBergen

“We have to do our homework. We have to be fierce about looking for people.”
—Gerri A. Henwood, President and CEO, Recro Pharma

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