Women in Leadership Report

Women in Leadership 2019

A status report on women leaders in corporate boardrooms, executive suites and political offices.

“I encourage you to examine the company-by-company findings, determine how your leadership team compares to industry peers and consider whether the companies with which you do business employ women in critical roles."
—Lisa Detwiler, President, The Forum of Executive Women

“An honest assessment by decision makers of the data presented in this report will drive the type of cultural change within organizations that is necessary to see real progress."
—Colleen Crowley, Partner, PwC

"Unless given a reason to, men in general don't think about gender equity that much. Women think about it all the time because it's our day-to-day life."
—Raina Mehta, Senior Counsel, PNC

"A trait of successful people is knowing when one side of your life needs more attention and when other parts of your life need attention."
—Sandy Ewing, Senior Vice President, SEI Investments

"I realized putting a job title on something isn’t going to get me to where I hope to be. It’s taking on projects and getting that experience."
—Zayna Haddad, Marketing Coordinator, Radian

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