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Digital Minute

Everything you've always wanted to know about doing business online.

The Digital Minute is a new video and webinar series tailored to help you and your business succeed in the digital era.

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Past Webinars

Our Senior Media Manager shares everything you need to know about using paid search to achieve your brand’s goals.
The Forum of Executive Women presents Digital Design Do’s and Don’ts. This webinar covers everything your business needs to know about digital design: from using colors and grids to advertising online and designing emails.
Gone are the days of social media for social media’s sake—it’s time to take these channels seriously! And for brands, that means building a direct line between your marketing activities and commerce.
Are you trying to convert users into customers? Or are you trying to better inform or enrich your users overall? The difference could make you a content strategist rather than a traditional content marketer.
Netplus CEO and Co-Founder Robin Neifield reviews the privacy basics and how to build a “privacy by default” organization that puts safeguarding your customer data at the forefront of every stage of the digital transformation.

“A special thanks to Netplus Marketing for designing this innovative webinar series on technology’s hot topics for The Forum.”

-Margaret A. McCausland, Esq.